All grades of Robert Marks' diamonds are done by the Gemological Institute of America


Here around at all times. We are responsible both during and after making your jewellery

Imagine you have an idea that can be transformed into reality. Here at Robert Marks, we offer you exactly that. Call us and explore the vast amount of options you can input in one piece of jewellery. 

You'll be dealing with the top designers and jewellers in the industry. We'll keep you posted all along the way so that you get exactly what you had in mind.

It's a truly special feeling to have your idea put into an actual precious piece of jewellery.

So come and treat yourself or your spouse. Create something special; something valuable; something infinite. Come and show then that love isn't just jewellery but it involves passion and creativity. Offer them something unique; something rare.

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Let us guide you to glorious Canadian wilderness and mountain ranges in Banff and Lake Louise.

Canada mark canadian diamonds

The known, government certified, CanadaMark is now available. 

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From the design to the final touch, it's all done with the best jewellers in our industry.

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